Choosing Fonts

Choosing an appropriate font for your design is one of the first tasks a TeeM8 designer will face. The key to making a great choice is to pay close attention to what a font is saying.

Is it calm and clear, loud and bold or something else entirely? It’s important to pick a font that is in line with the message you’re wanting to convey in your design.


Avoid using a font simply because it’s one you happen to like or you’ve seen around. Your favourite fonts may not always be suitable for the design you’re working on and another designer’s choice is likely less so.

In the comparison below for instance, there’s only one font that’s truly creepy. The font on the left creates an ambiguous design while the one on the right gets the job done nicely.


For text only designs don’t be afraid to play with different colour or garment combinations to enhance what your font is saying. Here are some ideas whipped up in our online designer:


When adding type to an existing design pick something that supports the elements you’re using and adds to the flavour of the overall design.

For my illustration below I wanted to use something that complimented the line art and was well weighted for the rest of the print. Here’s the illustration on it’s own:


Here it is with type added in:


The font I settled on was “Amatic” by Vernon Adams, a nice hand drawn font that also happens to be free.


At TeeM8 we’re always adding to our selection of fonts and stock art so have fun experimenting and stay tuned for more tips in future posts!

Less is more

Here at TeeM8 we love a good one colour print. Some of the most striking designs we’ve worked on have used nothing but white ink on black garments, it’s a classic combination.

That’s not to say we don’t relish the challenge of separating and printing an eight colour half toned beast, because we do. Until you’re a real t-shirt design Jedi however, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible.

Often it’s what you leave out of the design that makes all the difference. Restricting yourself to one colour will keep you focused on creating strong contrast and help you utilize the negative space in your design. Letting the shirt show through where possible will effectively add extra colour and texture for free, don’t feel you have to cover all that goodness up.

Limiting ink coverage in this way will also help your T-shirt wear well. The garment will feel lighter and hold up to repeated washes better than a print with large slabs of ink, which could potentially crack over time.

one_colour_many_salesIt’s also good practice to limit the number of fonts in your design. If you can get your message across with one font then one is all you need. For the times when one just isn’t enough, add another but make sure it contrasts well with your first choice. Fonts generally work best when they are from the same family (e.g. Lato Thin, Lato Bold) or are completely different in style.

Include only what you really need to get your message across in your designs. Loading your design with lots of colour and detail won’t ensure success for your TeeM8 campaign but producing something clear and concise will certainly help.

Your audience will respond to a message that resonates with them at first glance, by keeping your design simple you’re giving that the best chance to happen.

Crowd Funded Custom T-shirts – Join the Revolution

Hi and welcome to our humble TeeM8 blog!

Lately there’s been a huge shift in how business is being done over the internet, people power is on the rise and we happen to think that’s awesome.

Crowdfunding has opened opportunities that did not exist previously, social media has connected us all to our interests and powerful software is more accessible than ever before.

If you’ve longed to create and market your own personal designs to the world the time is most definitely ripe. Before you can ditch your job and work from home however, you’ll need a little help along the way.

Traditionally, getting t-shirts printed has been time consuming and has required a financial outlay upfront. It’s also been fraught with risk – no one enjoys the prospect of being stuck with stock that can’t be sold. Even with a fantastic design, something as small as a poor garment choice (e.g. colour, style) can lose potential sales.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test the market first? Now thanks to TeeM8, you can.

For the first time in Australia we’ve made it possible to design and sell your own T-shirts, completely free of any upfront costs. We’re also excited to announce here that shortly, we’ll be offering the same service for embroidered garments.

TeeM8 works by treating each product you create as a campaign that you can market professionally & easily through social media. Buyers can purchase your products in advance and no goods are produced until your sales target is met. It’s free and fun to try!

We’ve compiled a bunch of FAQs to get you started and a written a “Know it All” section that dives deeper into the whole process, from design to marketing. Be sure to check them out before launching your first campaign.

Located in Sydney, our team is backed by more than 30 years experience in the T-shirt printing business. Team up with TeeM8, and we’ll make it happen.